Posted on Apr 29, 2020

Tammy Vaughan met with Moore Rotary Club via Zoom to provide an update about The Brand Center. Although COVID-19 has restricted social contact with regular visitors, they have found ways to continue connecting and supporting seniors citizens in the Moore community. Tammy was happy to share an update about the work of Aging Services and the Brand Center. She praised the efforts of Barbara Dillard to continue working to offer meals every day of the week. They have been averaging about 800 more meals than normal, adding up close to 7900 meals. Right now they are still offering anyone over the age of 60, free meal delivery. A pantry is also available. 
Tammy stressed how grateful they have been to all the supporters and volunteers. They have had about 17 new volunteers assist every day. Every Monday they spend time preparing for the volunteers so they can make deliveries. They have also continued to make daily calls and wellness checks. It is incredible how much support has been given during this time, especially from OG&E, MPS, and several churches in the area.
Moore Rotary Club has committed to providing gas gift cards for the volunteer drivers to use. They hope to be able to open the middle of June to slowly start offering additional services. If you are interested in helping out, Tammy has requested donations of individual snack items and masks. She can be reached at 321-3200.