You’re a business owner wanting to be involved in the community, help with philanthropic initiatives and generally give back. You’re also seeking the same opportunities for your employees. The Rotary Club of Moore Business Membership is a way to do both, while avoiding onerous time obligations on your busy schedule.
Here’s how it works:
1.Your business joins the Rotary Club of Moore under the business plan.
2.Each week you or any representative from your business attends Rotary at noon at the Moore Chamber of
3.Through involvement in the club, you and your employees now become engaged in the largest service
organization in the world, sharing this unique form of community engagement with your staff.
- $300 a quarter.
- Includes weekly lunch for one person.
- More than one employee can attend at the same time for an additional $13 per person to cover lunch.
Give your employees the gift of community engagement, connect your business to philanthropic outreach and fellowship with likeminded members of Moore’s business community.