Brent Wheelbarger is embraced with excitement from the Rotary Club of Abidjan in hopes of a partnership to bring to life the 1040i school project. Before Brent left, our club filmed a greeting in a 360 video style and it was received well from our new friends in Africa. Michel Cousineau and Brent joined in a meal with some Rotarians and interviewed the mayor of Tanda. 
Communication between our two clubs has opened an opportunity to partner on a project to support the implemention a school building project in Tanda. Several buildings are completed and this partnership will help to finish the project. Brent has served as our representative to document this experience and build a relationship that ties our common goal together to bring education access to the young people in the town of Tanda,Côte d'Ivoire. So far the news has been very promising! We look forward to a report upon their return to Moore.
Learn more about 1040i Tanda Bilingual Academy here.