At our July 26th meeting, we hosted Miki Farris and Tim Brennan from Infant Crisis Services. Infant Crisis Services began in 1984 as a Sunday school class and has now grown to be an impactful organization serving 23 counties in Oklahoma. In 2022, ICS helped feed and diaper 21,036 babies and toddlers  - 8,964 of those were served by the BabyMobile at 54 different locations in those 23 counties.
The BabyMobile has allowed them to increase their outreach. The BabyMobile comes to Moore once a month to the Cleveland County Health Department at 4th and Eastern. Clients can receive services up to 4 times a year from birth until the baby's fourth birthday. In their 2023 fiscal year, they have served 234 babies and toddlers in Moore alone. 
To learn more about Infant Crisis Services and ways you can help, click here.