Please consider joining us for 90 minutes of fun at our “Bowling for Education” fundraiser on Tuesday, October 25 between 5:30-8:30 p.m. at Hey Day. A registration form with more details about the event is attached.
Imagine having nothing to eat from lunch Friday to breakfast Monday morning. This is a reality that one in four children in Oklahoma face each and every day. Chronic hunger results in lower attendance rates at school and lower academic performance. The Moore Rotary Club’s Education Services Committee works year-round to raise funds to support our children in Moore Public Schools through the Childhood Hunger Program.
One of the vital components of the Childhood Hunger Program is to provide approximately 500 elementary students a backpack of nonperishable, nutritious, kid-friendly food to take home to get them through each weekend and holidays.
A parent of a participating student has stated: “I am so happy that my family is able to participate in this program. I am a single mom and it is a comfort to know my children will have a little help with supplemental food items. Thank you very much to the caring individuals who have made this program available to children.”
With your support, we can work to end childhood hunger and ensure the continued success of our students and our schools. A portion of the proceeds will also be used to support the Excellence in Education Program which recognizes the teacher of the year nominees and patrons of the year for Moore Public Schools.